Broke + Schön Store Hamburg

Broke + Schön – a clothing and concept store for girls in Berlin –  decided to open a new baby in Hamburg.
I had the honor to help them out with the visual appearance. The brand and tonality of Broke + Schön is young, playful, feminine and provocative. So the new store was a great way to absorb all those adjectives and transform it to walls, storefront and windows.
Since the three stores in Berlin are kinda old ladies now, it was time to freshen up the atmosphere of Broke + Schön.

Therefore I created an all over print, which I used for several merchandise products, painted and prepared panels for the store, painted the storefront and used it for social media. Further I worked with several letterings, such as “exercise? I think you mean accessories” or “let’s get broke together”.
When you walk through the store, you find all those little details here and there.
A lot of pink, a lot of girly stuff, and a lot of Broke.

Take a look at Broke + Schön InstagramFacebook, or their Website if you’re curious about the other projects and graphics.