Oh Mama is one of the new singles by Milky Chance of their Album “Mind The Moon”. It was produced by BWGTBLDand directed by no.odds
I had the chance to create an artwork for the opening scene. The artwork is both an animation and a real life AR artwork. The video describes a weird and trippy situation with various special characters and my aim was it to reflect this world, the light and the song in a never-ending loop. 


Produktionsfirma: BWGTBLD GmbH, Creative Direction C/O MAGICK, Director: Sandro Jäger, DoP: Patrick Pichler, Producer: Anna Bauer, Production Assistant: Alex Göke, 1st AC: Saskian Schubert, Gaffer: Luke Sullivan, Light helping hand: Benjamin Ressi, Art Director: Svenja Trierscheid, Stylist: Nico Sutor, Styling Assistant: Marcel Schlutt, Ausstattung: Florian Máthé, Art Department Assistant: Amelie Satzger, DIT / BTS: Moritz Klammer, Runner / Helping Hand: Timo Grossmann, Casting Director: Svenja Trierscheid, Hair: Phoebe Seligman, Hair Assistant: Samantha Pottmaier, Head of Make Up: Leana Ardeleanu, Make Up Assistant: Liv Gosdschick, Sarah Hartgens, Post Producer: Peter Golovtchiner, Edit: Sandro Jäger, Grading: Mai Lasan, VFX: Philipp Schröppel, Intro Artwork and Animation: Ju Schnee