Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is a new hotel by the Concept Hotel Group, a hotel company based in Ibiza, that owns different establishments such as TropicanaDorado, Santos, Cubanito and Paradiso. One of the main activities of the Art Paradiso project is to develop the ‘Art in the Rooms’, so at Paradiso you can book your favorite artist room instead of a random numbered room.


I had the honor to be one of those artists and got the room 303. This was such a great opportunity for me, as I’m now next to some of my role models and amazing artists such as Jessica Walsh, Brolga, Robin Eisenberg, Marylou Faure, Yoko Honda and of course the one and only Eyecandy girls. 


Paradiso Art Hotel is located on the main avenue of San Antonio Bay, in an idyllic enclave near the best beaches on the island. If you ever have the chance to go there, make sure to check out one of the artistic rooms.