The new Vodafone campaign for their GigaCube is called “Free The Internet”. Therefore Vodafone asked me what #FreeTheInternet means to me and how I would visualize it.
Well, for me being free means having no attachment and just find my own way through it and not following the rest. Just being free, having space and do what I want to do.


That’s also what I tried with my visuals. First, all the items and topics are attached to the cube. And then after plugging it in, the Internet is set free and all of the objects are flying around.
That was my approach behind the story.
The visuals were spread over their Social Media channels in August 2019.


Materials used on the cube: Acrylic Markers, Acrylic Spray paint, pencil
Programms used for the 3D visual: Cinema4D, Adobe Photoshop