BeStrongForKids is a German organization, which helps children suffering from cancer and other terrible diseases. It’s an NGO that every now and then has amazing projects to collect money and donate.
This time they collaborated with Blue Tomato and did an exhibition with skateboard decks, all designed by more than 100 different artists all over Europe. I had the honor to be one of them and created the skateboard “YOUTH”.
The title “YOUTH” is found in the abstract lettering on the front again. It calls on the young generation, which is still in a way unsullied and clean, and which has to deal with the problems that the older generation left for them. We have to listen to the YOUTH and to the young generation and we have to learn from them in order to make the world a better place.
I think that sports and skateboarding in general is an activity, that brings young people together. And that has to be encouraged.


During the exhibition more than € 8.000,- were collected.