Last Squeeze


Oil and acrylics on canvas + AR,
Size: 80 x 60 cm

AR extension can be viewed with the Artivive app.


"Last Squeeze" is an oil painting that captivates the essence of both the moment of squeezing and the subsequent release, symbolizing a profound experience of letting go.

In this composition, vibrant hues and bold colors converge to create an intriguing interplay of the forms. The painting's central focus lies in the calssical „Ju Schnee shape“, engaged in a firm and powerful squeeze. The texture of the paint adds depth and intensity to the gripping moment, conveying a sense of tension and anticipation.

The artist skillfully employs a range of techniques to portray the act of squeezing. Thin but strong paint strokes combined with AR technology. Through these expressive techniques, the artist invites viewers to engage with the intensity of the moment, eliciting a visceral response that resonates on an emotional level.

As the eye moves beyond the central figures, the composition gradually transitions into a more open and fluid representation, symbolizing the release that follows the act of squeezing. 

"Last Squeeze" invites contemplation on the universal human experience of both holding on tightly and ultimately relinquishing our grasp. It speaks to the bittersweet nature of transition and change, highlighting the transformative power of releasing what we once held dear. Through its evocative imagery and emotive execution, this abstract oil painting encourages viewers to reflect on their own moments of squeezing and letting go, inviting them to find solace and beauty in the cycle of release and renewal.