*1992 in Graz/Austria

Ju Schnee, an ultracontemporary artist currently residing in Vienna, was born in Graz and lived in Berlin for the past five years where she started with her AR oil paintings.

Primarily delving into oil paintings, Ju Schnee seamlessly integrates the realm of Augmented Reality (AR) into her artistry. Her oeuvre serves as an experimental canvas, exploring the synergies between traditional mediums and cutting-edge technologies. Her fascination with AR, artificial intelligence (AI), and other emergent technologies drives her to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

While her artistic repertoire extends to encompass unique sculptures, the nucleus of her work perpetually revolves around abstract, intuitive forms, often evoking the essence of spirals. This central motif carries an enigmatic allure, inviting viewers into a realm where intuition and abstraction intertwine.

Ju Schnee’s creative process is deeply rooted in her former career as a yoga teacher. Her approach to art is steeped in spirituality, seamlessly weaving themes of introspection, mindfulness, and transcendence into her creations. Each piece resonates with an inherent spiritual essence, inviting observers to embark on a contemplative journey. She likes to play with the juxtaposition of the slowness of spiritual grounding and the pace of new tech.



Ju Schnee, Inh. Julia Jäger
1060 Vienna, Austria


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Coming 2024:

Jul 24: Solo Show Better Go South Berlin (GER)
Aug 24: Group Show Inselgalerie Berlin (GER)
Sep 24: Group Show 42artspace (CHI)


May: Group Show Vienna Youth Contemporary / Villa Mautner Jäger (AUT)
Apr: Solo Show The Hoxton Gallery Vienna (AUT)
Feb: Group Show Better Go South Stuttgart (GER)
Jan: Solo Show Solebox Vienna (AUT)


Dec: Group Show Kleines Atelier Düsseldorf (GER)
Nov: Solo Show Solebox Vienna (AUT) 
Oct: ESTAMPA Art Fair Madrid w/ Gärna Gallery (ESP) 
Sep: Group Show Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg (GER)
Jul: Group Show Artco Gallery Berlin (GER)
Apr: Group Show MeetFrida at Gallery Weekend Berlin (GER)
Mar: Duo Show Berlin w/ Marius Sperlich (GER)
Feb: Group Show Lorin Gallery LA (USA)
Jan: Solo Show Better Go South Cube Stuttgart (GER)


Dez: Group Show Cohle Gallery Paris (FRA)
Nov: Group Show Prior Art Space Barcelona (ESP)
Nov: Affordable Art Fair Hamburg (GER)
Oct: Group Show Better Go South Stuttgart (GER)
Oct: Group Show Cohle Gallery Paris (FRA)
Sep: Art Fair KIAF Seoul (KOR)
Aug: Group Show Gallery Mond (GER)
Aug: Knokke Art Fair (BEL)
Jul: Group Show OEVER Gallery Ostende (BEL)
Jul: Group Show 0010_exhibitions Berlin (GER)
Jun: Solo Show Incubartor by Galerie Rother (GER)
Jun: Group Show Millerntor Gallery (GER)
May: Group Show Better Go South Stuttgart (GER)
Apr: Group Show MeetFrida Gallery Weekend Berlin (GER)
Jan: Group Show 44309 Gallery Dortmund (GER)


Dez: Group Show Project Forward Festival (int.)
Oct: Solo Show Wiesbaden (GER)
Oct: Group Show Don’t Go South Stuttgart (GER)
Oct: Affordable Art Fair Hamburg (GER)
Sep: VOLTA Art Fair Basel (CHE)
Sep: ARTe Art Fair Wiesbaden (GER)
Aug: Group Show PH0NOL0GUES Berlin (GER)
Jun: Group Show SecRED Gallery Berlin (GER)
Apr: Affordable Art Fair Hamburg (GER)
Mar: Art Fair “The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art” (int.)
Nov: Group Show Art House Rising Berlin (GER)
Oct: Group Outdoor Show Hamburg City Art Week (GER)
Sep: MeetFrida Outdoor Show + Online Gallery (GER)
Sep: Solo Show Ju Schnee Open Gallery Weekend Berlin (GER)
Jun: Group Show Millerntor Gallery 2020 (int.)
Jun: Group Show Quellengalerie Stuttgart (GER)

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