Watermelon Sugar


Material: Resin, High Gloss Varnish
Size: approx. 25 cm



"Watermelon Sugar" is a captivating and imaginative abstract art sculpture that skillfully marries contrasting forms and colors to evoke a sense of playful whimsy and artistic ingenuity. Comprising two distinct elements, this sculpture harmonizes the iconic shape of the artist with a delightful burst of color and form.

At its foundation, the sculpture boasts a vibrant green base, characterized by its signature tubular form. This green element serves as the anchor, a hallmark of the artist's unique style. Its sleek, curvaceous lines undulate gracefully, suggesting movement and continuity.

Perched atop this green base, a stunning pink element takes center stage. This pink form resembles a playful bubble, as though it has gently descended upon the green tube and settled there. Its contours flow seamlessly over the edges of the green, creating a sense of organic unity between the two components.

The choice of colors, green and pink, is reminiscent of a watermelon's delectable palette, invoking feelings of freshness and sweetness. "Watermelon Sugar" captivates with its whimsical resemblance to a slice of this beloved fruit.

The sculpture's name, "Watermelon Sugar," not only alludes to its visual cues but also invites viewers to savor the sensations it evokes. It's a delightful fusion of nature and artistry, where the essence of a watermelon is transformed into an abstract expression of form and color.

"Watermelon Sugar" is a celebration of the artist's signature style and their ability to infuse abstraction with a sense of playful narrative. It beckons viewers to ponder the delightful interplay of shapes and hues, prompting a sense of childlike wonder and joy. This enchanting sculpture serves as a reminder of the boundless creativity that can emerge from the fusion of imagination and artistry.